Jos de Mul. From Mobile Ontologies to Mobile Aesthetics. In: Contemporary Aesthetics. Special Volume I: Aesthetics and Mobility. 2005, 12 p.

From Mobile Ontologies to Mobile Aesthetics

We are living in a globalizing world, characterized by constant and rapid innovation. As we are inclined to go with this flow and its accompanying discourse of mobility, there is a danger that we overlook the persistence of cultural traditions. However, this paper argues that important differences exist between pre-modern, modern and post-modern traditions with regard to the form mobility takes. After a short discussion of the role information and communication technologies play in post-modern traditions, it is argued that these technologies transform our world, and not only our electronic files, into a global database and, as a consequence, generate a mobile stream of post-historic phenomena. In the conclusion some implications of the presented "database ontology" for the arts and aesthetic theory are discussed.

Key Words
cultural traditions, information and communication technologies, mobility, pre-modern, modern and post-modern traditions, post-history

Jos de Mul. 从叙事的到超媒体的同一性——在游戏机时代解读狄尔泰和利科 [From narrative to hypermedial Identity. Reading Dilthey and Ricoeur in the Age of Sony Playstation]. Academic Monthly 38 (5) 2006, 29-36.


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