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Bruno Accarino, Jos de Mul und Hans-Peter Krüger (Hrsg.). Internationales Jahrbuch für Philosophische Anthropologie. Band 11 (2021)/ International Yearbook for Philosophical Anthropology. Volume 11(2021) Julien Kloeg (Hrsg.). Art-science in the context of philosophical anthropology.  Berlin: De Gruyter, 2021, 318 p.

Art-science as a field reflects on encounters between the disciplinary sciences and the arts. What is (dis)continuous between sciences and arts? Which features of human existence can explain the ways in which arts and sciences have developed and interrelate?

How should the methodology of philosophical anthropology itself relate to the domains of art and science? This volume features not only philosophical anthropology as a field or paradigm of its own, but also philosophical aesthetics and art-science approaches to education, language and symbolism and beyond.


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