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Jos de Mul. Aesthetics of everyday life in times of corona. Keynote at the 8th Mediterrenean Congress for Aesthetics. Dephi: European Cultural Centre of Delphi, September 10-12, 2020.

Aesthetics as a philosophical discipline is confronted today with the challenge of responding to complex phenomena of contemporary daily life. The 8th Mediterranean Congress for Aesthetics focuses on the aesthetics of everyday life, as a field of study that is concerned with the interplay of the active subject with the social-political milieu of contemporary cities. In this respect, it aims to the pursuit of aspects and attitudes of aesthetic appreciation, that emerge through a live interaction and intermingling of the human subject with the urban environment, in the public and the private domain. They are probably in contrast or/and in fertile dialogue with aesthetic sensation and evaluation criteria, that develop institutionally through educational and cultural systems, political decisions, etc. Moreover, factors such as digital technology and the immediacy of communication affect and elaborate diverse aesthetic considerations, so far as they play a decisive role in a contemporary investigation of the aesthetic aspect of everyday life.
The congress aims to a creative debate between philosophers, aestheticians, art theorists and theorists of architecture, as well as artists, architects, urban and landscape designers, theorists and researchers of culture and the media, who are interested in formulating a critical contemplation, in relation to the aesthetics of everyday life in contemporary cities.


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