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Jos de Mul, Poetics of Genetics. Performance at the Biggest Visual Power Show. Paradiso Amsterdam, 20 January 20, 2005.

Philosopher Prof. Dr. Jos de Mul – author of countless articles and books like 'Cyberspace Odyssey', 'Domestication of Fate' and 'Database Delirium' – was a speaker at the Biggest Visual Power Show 2005 in Paradiso, Amsterdam. Inspired by the images of Basia Knobloch and music of Lauri Anderson, professor De Mul decided to sing his lecture. 

For someone who only has a hammer, everything appears to be a nail. For those who have computers, the world becomes a huge database.

The Biggest Visual Power Show – NextNature -  is an intellectual spectacle blending a conference and a pop concert. BVPS mixes movies and live performance, morphs physical experiences into virtual imagination. The 2005 edition of the Biggest Visual Power Show was held in poptemple Paradiso, Amsterdam. Over twenty artists, scientist, writers, filmdirectors, architects, designers, presented their radical ideas, visionary statements and powerful imagery on how we can design, build and live in Next Nature.

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